benefitsCMS was the first agency to devote its business solely to retail card production and marketing. We are passionate about cards and what they can do to grow your business.

Card based stored value marketing is being fueled by the leap in technology that has taken place within the POS and electronic commerce industries. CMS is committed to harnessing electronically readable plastic cards and these new technologies, and helping businesses find new ways to make their marketing efforts more targeted, effective and accountable.

Why should you consider a Gift Card Program?

• Gift cards establish brand awareness and build customer loyalty. Gift card recipients often become new, loyal customers.
• Customers often spend more than the amount of the card. Average ticket prices on gift card transactions are higher. Research shows that people spend on average 65% more than the value of their card!

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• Consumers prefer plastic gift cards over paper gift certificates.
• Balance remains on card (no cash back). You never return cash to the customer on remaining balances and merchandise returns.
• Card is reloadable and can be activated and loaded at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal.
• Employees are held accountable since customer activity is tracked electronically. Paper gift certificates are prone to theft and fraud.
• Less than 86% of gift card holders ever redeem the full value of their gift cards.
• Every time one of your customers purchases a gift card they are giving you an interest free loan.

One of our clients (a national restaurant chain) told us that the sales lift from their card marketing campaign was “like having a license to print money.” CMS can help you target those same kinds of results. Click here to talk to one of our customer service representatives today.

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